54 nude honeys

featuring: rock n'roll museum

the rock girls vivi, kotome, yuri and drummer ryo named their fetish-punk band after a pornographic set of play cards. the three ex-dominatrixes and their drummer used to tour the bars of the japanese us-army bases. no audience is harder to play than the drunken countrymen of elvis and guns & roses. later on, japanese support tours with flamenco a gogo and shonen knife followed. the latest 54 nude honeys album is released by epic japan. the honeys find inspirations for their live shows in the dusty pop icons of the rock n’roll museum in harajuku. the museum is a shop, where you can find any sort of rock n’roll trash such as kiss masks, elvis dolls, an original jacket of stones rocker keith richards, as well as posters and collectors records of led zeppelin, oasis, ramones and bon jovi. ryo is a regular customer. the shop is open daily from 11.00-19.00.

rock n'roll museum
meiji jingo mea 1-8-21
rail station harajuku




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