kid vanilla is a street wear fashion label ran by german ex-pat and former graffiti-crew member eva balg. she studied at the city’s famous fashion academy, under the guidance of the famous haute couture designer walter van beyrendonck; a member of the influential ‘antwerp six’, a group of avant garde fashion designers who graduated from the academy in the 80’s.
but famous walter failed eva in her final year of studies. after she was kicked out the academy, eva began her own label inspired by the hip hop scene. with just one collection a year, eva collaborates with local musicians, tattoo and graffiti artists. the antwerp hip hop crew eigen makelij wears kid vanilla for their shows and music videos.

brabo’s hand, antwerp’s premier tattoo parlour specialises in american old school-style tattoos.  the team hooked up with eva to create a body-art themed line of kid vanilla clothing.  eva and eigen makelij get their tattoos done hear.
the kamenstrat area offers a real taste of antwerp's unique and trendy street style. here you’ll find avenue, a popular street wear shop that always has the latest sneakers, alternative fashion pieces and of course kid vanilla.

ijzerenwaag 1
2000 antwerp
kammenstraat - tram stop

brabo’s hand
korte koepoortstraat 8
2000 antwerp
keizerstraat /wijngaardbrug‎ - tram stop






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