Pro Skater Neil Smith

featuring: Speedies

neil smith aka 'smiffy' is one of the uk’s top skaters. he became a member of the professional blueprint skareboards team and can be seen on their 'lost and found' dvd. smiffy was presented with his own named pro skate board from blueprint skateboards and featured on a slam city compilation video of london's finest skaters. some of his favourite places are based in east london. 

smiffy trains at mile end park not far from his east london home. the skate park was built by the gravity skatepark company and features a good variety of obstacles. smiffy often likes to end his day at his favourite skate spot, south bank, where the city’s best skaters do their tricks until late at night. the popular south bank spot has frequently been threatened with closure however the skaters continue to campaign for it and it has remained open.

smiffy's cafe of choice is pellici's in bethnal green for a proper english breakfast. pellici’s has been owned by the same family since 1900 and is frequented by celebrities such as dizzee rascal, colin farrell, david schwimmer and robbie williams. smiffy’s next stop is retro store speedies that prides itself on its diverse range of second hand records and record players, old film posters and fashion accessories. smiffy also enjoys browsing through the retro clothes and furniture collection. the owner, known as speedie, puts on monthly live gigs in the store. 14 bike company is a fixed gear store on brick lane that specialises in custom built bikes. they also sells clothing, dvds and books for cyclists.

mile end skate park
190 burdett road
london e3
tube station mile end

south bank
london wc2e
tube station waterloo

332 bethnal green road
london e2
tube station hoxton

81 redchurch street
london e2
tube station shoreditch high street

14 bike company
truman factory
91 brick lane
london e1
tube station shoreditch high street


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