featuring: slinkachu

on the diverse streets of london you will come across all walks of life and if you look very carefully you might stumble across the tiniest of cultures. london street artist slinkachu creates miniature installations hidden all over the capital. he calls his family of urban characters the ‘little people’, using urban landscape of london as props. the custom-built little people community is inspired by real life characters and newspaper articles; plus his boyhood love of lego and star wars. he sometimes produces very small prints, only an inch and a half wide, so more people can afford to own and enjoy his unique little people art. in the trendy, culture-hub of shoreditch, the pure evil gallery is run by street artists selling and exhibiting artists like slinkachu. he appeared with his work at the skullduggerous charity show at the pure evil gallery in 2010. slinkachu's work has also been involved in german art galleries, shows and he's even designed book covers. 

pure evil gallery
108 leonard street
london ec2a 
tube station shoreditch high street


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