the hickey underworld

featuring: scheldapen, sewer tours

formed in 2005, the hickey underworld mix post-hardcore with garage rock;  tinged with punk/grunge  influences such as fugazi and nirvana. with their horror-esq music videos, they describe their sound as “an update of the music that we used to like when we were younger... but more aggressive.” the band continue to fly the flag for antwerp’s strong alternative rock tradition of bands like evil superstars and deus.

the hickey underworld’s band member jonas govaerts is also a filmmaker and creates the band’s music videos. he takes us to one his favourite city locations and antwerp’s most unusual tourist activity; a tour of the city’s sewers. open only certain months of the year, groups and individuals can discover the city’s sophisticated underground network by booking over the phone (see website).

meanwhile, fellow band member georgios tsakiridis shows us the underground nightlife above ground. down by the popular riverside is club scheldapen; the former canteen draws electronica fans week after week. restless antwerp clubbers share their nights moving between here and the nearby petrol club, which is only 3 minutes away.

ruihuis (sewer tour)
suikerrui 21
2000 antwerpen
groenplaats‎ - tram stop

d'herbouvillekaai 36
2020 antwerpen
bolivarplaats - tram stop


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