afro ken

afro ken is a cuddly toy dog which warms the hearts of lonely tokyo girls. underneath the removable trendy hairdo, afro ken emerges as a common toy dog. nevertheless, afro ken is a real media star complete with karaoke cd’s, dvd’s, picture books and mobile phone cases. his inventor, aimi tetsuro, is a hard-core jimi hendrix fan. the best soft toy selection is available at kiddyland. here, more than thirty different relatives of afro ken are waiting for a new owner. sauce ken, shogun ken, mohican ken are almost as popular as the afro. mount fuji-ken has even been used for advertising in the japanese elections. ken means dog. cat is neko. afro neko’s are the newest trendy accessories in tokyo’s cyber pet market.


jingumae 6-1-9
subway station omote sando


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