agnostic front

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agnostic front are the grandfathers of east coast hardcore. singer roger miret (with hut) and guitar legend vinnie stigma (dark hair) sarted to mess up new york’s punk scene in the beginning of the 80s. the agnostic shows turned to riots in punk clubs such as cbgb’s. the revolutionary agnostic sound mix of punk, metal and oi-music became famous as new york hardcore. the band’s name is a statement against ignorance. agnostic front are politically engaged. they have nothing to do with racism and terror of the right. collectors pay a fortune for their debut, ‘victim in pain’. epitaph records released the last agnostic album. if you are looking for a tattoo in the agnostic style, you have to check ‘new york hardcore tattoos’. vinnie stigma’s and jimmi gestapo’s (murphy’s law) shop is a social club for the hardcore scene. if you are lucky, you can meet band members of madball, cro-mags, cause for alarm or warzone, who are chilling in the backyard. roger’s favourite clothes shop is the mods & skinhead store 99x. here roger supplies himself with american and british classics.

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subway station east 86 street

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