alcatraz e.r.

alcatraz e.r. is a prison hospital, a mixture of horror-kitsch and nurses in short skirts. at the entrance you have to tell them your blood group, before the restaurant’s prison bars are opened. the guests are handcuffed and lead to their cell, where nurses and prison officers waiters are enquiring about the symptoms of their illness. the treatment starts with high-percentage alcoholic prescriptions. medical cocktails are being administered in test tubes, feeding cups and syringes. décor and design are very much prison nurses-station, from hospital sandals to soja-sauce pipettes. if you want to go to the toilet, the customer have to alert staff to this, who then announce the fact audible to everybody in the restaurant. inbetween courses, the waiters present guests with a live show, where hannibal lector scares the ‘patients’ with his trousers down and then gets shot by a nurse. a doctor starts operating on his intestines immediately and revives him with a huge injection into his backside.

alcatraz e.r.
harvest building 2f
dogenzaka 2-13-5
rail station shibuya


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