ambient kitchen

the former reichsbahnausbesserungswerk railway repair workshop in friedrichshain (r.a.w. tempel) houses an alternative soup kitchen every tuesday at 20.00 with freshly prepared food and chillout sounds. apart from catering for veggies and vegans they can also satisfy meat eaters. the food is sold at the price it costs to make and sells out very quickly. conversation is possible and encouraged. dub, trance, trip hop, psytrance and goa are played at a pleasant volume. kitchen maestro garnesh’s aim is for people to meet and do something together. spontaneous performances from trapeze artists, fire jugglers satir players and puppeters are not unusual here. the trapeze artists verein zur ueberwindung der schwerkraft (club to overcome gravity) train during the day at r.a.w. tempel. the organisers of the alternative soup kitchen also arrange regular psytrance parties in berlin.

r.a.w. tempel
revaler strasse 99
u & s-bahn station warschauer strasse


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