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islington's upper street became the home of ash’s singer tim wheeler. tim liked the sound of islington’s tube station ‘angel’, when he moved to the metropolis from northern ireland’s downpatrick. drummer rick mcmurry preferred to stay in northern ireland. the members of ash, madness and spandau ballet used to drink in the irish rock ‘n roll pub filthy macnasty’s. the irish punk legend shane mcgowan spent the night at the bar several times to continue in to the early morning hours. ash have purchased guitars from nearby 'angel music' in london. oasis and radio head also buy rare guitar models at the buy and sell shop. ash don’t consider themselves a part of a brit sound that tries to sound like the stones or the beatles. ash’s tuneful punk-pop is more inspired by the american grunge sound of nirvana. in 2011, ash begun collaborating with 'we are scientists' and followed that up in 2012 with a tour. 

filthy macnasty’s
68 amwell street
london ec1
tube station angel

angel music
25 denmark street 
london ewc2
tube station tottenham court road


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