at bagjacks’ kreuzberg showroom you can order a courier bag to your own taste. the bags have been developed according to the needs of bicycle couriers. they are made from tough-wearing and slip-fast material. the finishing renders them absolutely watertight. they have an edging of reflectors. there are net pockets for maps and outside pockets for the bicycle-lock key. with additional inlays, rain-clothes can be packed away safely next to note books and documents. wear and tear repairs are included in the price. additionally, bagjacks are also made in a small evening version. every friday, the showroom holds design consultations, where people can have their personal bag designed. delivery will take two weeks. brooklyn raised messenger legend james moore uses his bagjack to ride to work and to dj in berlin clubs. his bag is embellished with “007 the general”. james dj name is based on his old courier number and the fact that he bears the same name as bond actor roger moore. dj 007 enjoys playing his blaxploitation set after the berlin couriers’ finish their illegeal “alleycat” race.

bagjack showroom
koepenicker strasse 154
u-bahn station goerlitzer bahnhof


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