balloon tours

the hot-air balloon journeys of ‘ballon tours’ starts in the outskirts of berlin at strausberg. if the weather is good you can fly early in the morning or late in the afternoon. after a short introduction at the small airport all participants have to pitch in heavily, apart from learning about flight preparation, passengers learn the basics of ballooning. the balloon floats between 500-1000 metres above the city forest.  passage over inner-city areas is forbidden. at the start the balloon ascends at 3 metre’s per second. the journey is absolutely relaxed apart from the occasional hot air spurt. the balloon travels slowly with the wind. there are no cross winds. at the finish of the 1,5 hour flight participants pack the balloon together. part of the traditional 'balloonists initiation' is the burning of hair from their heads, which is then doused with champagne. afterwards each participant receives a certificate from the balloon’s pilot. the more people that register for a journey the cheaper the price becomes. because of the limited places pre-registration and confirmation on the day before are absolutely necessary.


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