basketball cages

street basketball is one of new yorks’s religions. those who succeed in the uncountable cages of the city, are on their way to the nba. manhattan’s most famous cage is on west 4th street. the harder versions are played in the rucker cage in harlem. not far from the world famous yankee stadium meet the best ballers from new york since the 50’s. the field transforms into a massive crowd with thousands of viewers at the annual entertainer basketball classic, where pop stars such as puffy and lil’kim send their own teams into the field. nba-superstars such as allen iverson, shaquille or sam casell drop by on a regular basis to give tips to the youngsters and challenge them to a game. if you are more interested in the game than the scene, try the carmansville cage, four block down.

holcombe rucker cage
155th street/frederick douglass boulevard
subway station 155st street

carmansville cage
151st street/6th avenue


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