bebop square

thursdays at the fai club is the bebop square night for dancefloor junkies. what started as a party for jazz purists has developed to the top underground jazz dance event. the club was started by english man dj lincoln and professional dancer yuco. bebop square is based on dj snowball’s legendary hi-hat club. lincoln & yuco want to continue the uk jazz dance scene of the 1980’s in tokyo. from art blakey and tito puente, lincoln spins a mix of heavy jazz, bebop, latin jazz, brazillian and dancefloor jazz. the club concept is totally geared towards dance freaks. bebop square starts at 19.00 with a dance lesson where original uk style is taught for beginners and advanced. uk dance teacher irving certifies that the bebop square dancers are extremely fast. during the dance lesson the keen ones prepare for the climax of the evening. there are dance battles where everyone can take a turn in the centre of the circle. unlike most clubs the bebop finishes at 23.00, enough time to go for a meal or catch the last tube home. after four hours of jazz bebop even the toughest dancers are wrecked.

club fai
hachihonkan building b1
5-10-1 minami aoyama
subway station omote sando


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