beer school

at the brewery braams in kreuzberg-suedstern, beer aficionados are able to learn about the art of brewing. once a month on a sunday from 10.00-17.00 a real life brewing engineer teaches home-based brewing instructions. water, hops, malt & yeast are the basic ingredients, according to the german purity law, and can be made into various different kinds of beers. brewmaster thorsten studied his trade in berlin and also organised the beer-brewing facilities at the braams brewery pub. all that is needed is a thermometer, a cooker, a bucket and a metal pan for the students to start brewing at home. further accessories and ingredients are available from the tutor. if someone wants to create a truly exceptional beer, they can learn how to add cherries and pineapple. by special request, thorsten organises extra courses starting from just three participants. register via his website.

hasenheide 69
u-bahn station suedstern


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