is a typical popular pastime in the uk. people of all ages meet in the bingo halls to gamble for the national prize. game fanatics have to keep to strict rules. bingo players have to register 24 hours before the game by internet or telephone. participants must be over 18. players get a book with six cards. the bingo mc calls out numbers for the players to tick off on their individual cards. a shout of 'heads down' means a new round is about to start. a shout of 'line' means a player has five numbers in a row. a player with five numbers in all rows has a 'full house' and shouts out 'house'. a bingo player can win 100,000-150,000 pounds per night. in nearly every london district there is a bingo hall including several gala bingos. gala bingo is open daily from 10.00. 

gala bingo
station rd
london ha1 
tube station harrow and wealdstone


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