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bird used to have an afro hairstyle which prompted her friend to call her birds nest. this has since been abbreviated to bird. bird is a former jazz singer who used to be a background singer in smoky music bars. nowadays the japanese megastar makes pop music with the producer/guitarist shinichi ozawa. ozawa is well known for his own music project mondo grosso. bird’s lyrics are inspired by old japanese poems. the fans love her honest, pure lyrics. bird’s guitarist runs the jewellery & accessories shop shumido. shumido is the hottest thing for the japanese r&b ethno-soul scene. you won’t find any mass produced products here, only hand made individual ethno style pieces. the jewellery makers who sell their work here mainly buy their materials from south east asia. mobile phone straps made from colourful kimono material are particularly popular. shumido’s corridor is used as a gallery where young photographers, painters and manga artists exhibit their work. the shop is open daily 12.00-21.00.

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