east london’s bistrotheque features a bar, restaurant and alternative entertainment – all under one roof. this is where shoreditch’s hippest bitches hang out. guests come from the east end gay scene and the art crowd that stops here for a drink after a stint at the local art galleries. bistrotheque is french for a place where you can eat and listen to music. the restaurant boasts a mainly french menu but includes traditional english food too. the chef calls it ‘comfort food’. owners david and pablo believe it is important to avoid overly exotic meals. the entertainment program includes anything from parties, djs, film nights to cabaret nights and comedians. travesty shows and the bear beauty contest round up the programme. at the bear beauty contest, the rowdy audience decides on the man with the most ‘bear attributes’ such as bodily hair, waist size and attitude. bistrotheque is an old industrial work shop that now features simple modern interior. it is open daily from evening early hours. 

23-27 wadeson street
london e2
tube station bethnal green


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