black strobe

featuring: black dog

the parisian electronic music producer duo ‘black strobe’ calls their music ‘the dark side of disco’. arnaud rebotini and ivan smagghe (see paris episode 15) combine mutant music genres like frozen-balearic, boogie trance, heavy electronica and soft goth. black dog is one of the few heavy metal and goth hangouts in paris. arnaud and ivan feel completely at home here. the argentinean bar-restaurant has a dark cave-like atmosphere and is decorated with metal-skulls. guests enjoy argentinean steak, wine specialities and spanish tapas. black dog is known for having the best steaks in paris. the names of those who manage to eat more than a whole kilo are written down below the ceiling. eating times are noted next to the names. black dog opens daily from 11.00 to 02.00, at weekends from 11.00 to 05.00. black strobe are signed to output recordings.

black dog
26 rue des lombards
metro station chatelet


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