as soon as it gets dark underworld freaks organise tours into paris’ catacombes. the events are illegal. nevertheless brave adventurers descend twenty metre long ladders to explore the unknown world below. the deep catacombes tunnels were created when stones were dug up and used to construct some of the most splendid parisian buildings. the catacombes tour is five hours long and participants need headlamps to brave the dark. they need water for the dry air and good walking shoes for the mud and rubble. down in the 200 year old catcombes the work of unknown underground artists is displayed on the walls. catacombes walkers from all times are immortalised here. parisian raves take place in a former second world war bunker. the tour stops in the bunker for a refreshment break. sweet energy bars are recommended as walkers are constantly hungry due to a lack of oxygen. the descent is quite dangerous. those who go down without a guide will definitely get themselves lost as the catacombes are a 300 kilometre long maze of tunnels. visitors can also injure themselves easily on the low stone walls. if walkers are caught coming out of the catacombs, police can charge a 400 franc fine. catacombes tours can be booked over the internet at your own risk.


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