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kaoru inoue aka chari chari mixes traditional music from asia and south america with house and hip hop sounds. chari chari travels a lot in indonesia, malaysia and japan. he describes his organic electro sound as tropical music. the spring to summer album is released by file records. a sensual place for silence and meditation is meiji jingu shrine in harajaku. but in chari chari’s opinion at places where people pray, the sinful vice is not far. close to the well-known shino temple, lies tokyo’s best nibble shop. the dessert company has collected exotic recipes from the whole of asia. chari chari’s favourite is a litchi-coconut feasting, which reminds him of south-east asia travels. the cake chef mixes all sorts of asian ingredients to delicious puddings, cremes and rice puddings. the most popular is the sesame pudding. the sweet filling killer of the dessert company cost between 500 –700 yen. the shop is opened daily from 12.00-02.00, on sundays until 04.00.

dessert company
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