china town lies in the south east of paris, where it feels like being transported into another world. china town is the home of many vietnamese and laotians from the former french colonies. china town’s asian bakeries, cafes, pharmacies and travel agencies are all decorated with mysterious chinese letterings. the biggest supermarket is paris store. here you can find everything of eastern style and taste spread over two floors. in the basement are exotic foods like massive sea weeds, 200 types of noodles and grilled ducks with their heads on. on the first floor are kitsch nic-nac’s such as colourful dragons, life-sized lucky bhuddas and little house temples. paris store also has a clothing department with original silk kimonos and colourfully embroidered garments. everything is extremely reasonable in price. paris store opens monday to saturday.

paris store
44 avenue d’ivry
metro station porte d’ivry


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