city horses

at the heart of manhattan is the claremont riding academy, the only stables open to the public within new york city. the claremont riding school has existed for 100 years and is the longest running stable in the states. 50 horses reside over two floors. riding fanatics take lessons at the academy or go riding in central park. the school is perfect for lazy city cowboys as you don’t need to worry about mucking out or even grooming the horses. ready saddled, patrons can gallop straight away. it takes 10 minutes with one horse power to get to central park. even the slowest riders have to obey the law of the road. the claremont academy organizes christmas rides, horse shows as well as summer and winter riding camps.

unfortunately due to financial reasons, the claremont riding academy is now closed. visit their website for more information.

claremont riding academy
175 west 89th street
subway station 68th street


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