otakus are people who practise their hobbies so excessively, that they don’t have time for anything else and don’t even leave their house anymore. thanks to the cospa shop, manga comics & anime-otakus are able to stay in their world of evangelion, sailor moon and final fantasy. cospa stocks exact copies of costumes of popular manga characters. they have t-shirts, hats and sell replica weapons as well as other accessories. girls’ school-uniforms with matching sports bag are a big success as are spaceship yamato outfits and costumes, which go with the newest playstation games. requests like special shoes or a robot arm normally take a week to be delivered. for a self-made outfit cospa  offers a big selection of buttons, cufflinks, cat’s ears, studded belts, tights and wigs. the guest book shows many photos of so-called cosplay parties. the costume events are so popular, that even japanese sex-clubs advertise cosplay options. many cospa outfits are limited edition only and therefore are collectables. cospa opens daily from 12.00-20.00.

hagiwara building 2f
mauyama cho
train/subway station shibuya


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