crazy legs

featuring: k.r.3t's dance

new york’s most famous sports cage is in spanish harlem. the legendary rock steady crew trained here. on a sunny day, new  york’s kids meet here to break, play ball or listen to hip hop. the cage’s outer wall is adorned with a graffiti-memorial of the rock steady crew. rock steady crew old school master crazy legs still has a strong influence on the kids of the ‘new school’. around the corner from the cage the k.r.3t's dance school offers free lessons in break, jazz, salsa and street dance to young ghetto champs. at the school young harlem hopefuls mix with breaking greats like d-story of the arsonists to practise new ‘popping and locking techniques. k.r.3t’s is open  sundays 15.00-18.00, thursdays 18.30-20.30.

1680 lexington avenue
subway station 103rd street



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