david belle

david belle is frances’ most famous city-jumper. david is the inventor of the so-called ‘parkour-sports’. parkour combines climbing and jumping with acrobatic elements. every wall, barrier or other city obstacle in the serves david as an object for his passion, the parkour. the sporty french man jumps off roofs, balconies or stairs, forwards or backwards, he doesn’t really mind. david  learned the basics from his dad, a fireman, who picked up the moves from his time in the army in africa, watching bushmen do their hunting. naturally, belle tries to stay fit and as light as possible for the parkour. a balanced diet is paramount. david trains at the public ramp at the lake of lisses in south paris. the climbing ramp is open day and night. but beware, davids’ jumps look easier than they actually are. on request, he offers private lessons, where he will start outdoors on low obstacle courses.

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