dee nasty

the parisian radio station nova plays the hottest street sounds in the city. from their beginnings as a pirate they were a platform for french house. radio nova supports bands and labels which are outside the musical mainstream. all top djs, like laurent garnier and dimitri do regular shows for them. hiphop dj dee nasty has been a nova dj from day one. he produced france’s first rap album and made hip-hop popular through his air time on radio nova. nasty’s friday night show at 23.00 was first broadcast in 1987. guests included mc solaar, ntm and the assassins. tapes of the show are even to be found in the deepest congo,africa. dee nasty’s album was released by alki. radio nova has got the best party listings for paris and publishes a city-magazine of the same name. to be truly up to speed tune into 101.5fm.

radio nova 101.5 fm


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