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hip-hop and r‘n’b producer hasebe is resident dj at yellow in the heart of tokyo’s clubland nishi azuba. just around the corner of yellow, at the griffin bar, you can order food until five in the morning. tokyo’s djs meet after work here to review their nights. hasebe’s album ‘hey world’ is released by warner japan. hasebe produced it with international hip hop and dancehall stars such as doug e fresh, mos def, beenie man ( see london episode 25), rahzel ( new york episode 24) and les nubians. ‘hey world’ should remind the world that there is an independent hip-hop scene in japan. hasebe and other djs check out the latest gear at boomy in yokahoma. boomy is a place of pilgrimage for dj grimmicks, one hour by train from tokyo. occasionally you can catch hasebe’s mate boomy scratching live.

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