dj honda

before he got his first record deal katsuhiro honda from hokkaido in northern japan. kotsuhiro  started a fashion label to promote himself and his music in the japanese hip-hop scene. fashion made him a millionaire. his baseball hats have been a hit in japan since 1994. nowadays, the lowercase h-logo is to be found on trousers, t-shirts, snowboards, sun glasses, wallets, belts and specially designed dj-watches with inbuilt lights for working the decks in dark clubs. since 1999 honda mainly resides in new york. the skilled turntable master and jury member of turntable world competitions has grown musically too. honda has produced with mos def, redman, guru and premier. for his dj honda recordings, kotsuhiro produced the underground connections album with epm’s parrish smith (pictured), the beatnuts, triple seis & miss jones. hondas’ stuff is available everywhere in tokyo, especially in the small hip-hop shops in and around harajuku street. he still sells 40.000-50.000 baseball caps a month in japan. if you are visiting new york, his flagship store is worth a look.


harajuku street
subway station meiji jingue mae


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