dj luck & mc neat

with ‘a little bit of luck’ the london-based production duo hit the english top ten. luck and neat met at the pirate station chicago fm. quickly they realised what an impact the combination of the rough mc style and the proper dj selection had on the uk garage crowd. luck has a decade of dj experience mixing various styles and mc neat has been on the mic since his school dance entrance as an 11 year-old. in the mid 90’s they switched their attention to uk garage soul because it was very popular with the chicks. after 1996, the hottest ladies in town said their farewells to london’s drum’n’base sound to shake their booties to uk garage's sexier 4/4 beats. dj luck’s and mc neat’s ‘piano loco’ mixes uk garage with salsa rhythms. if they are not working hard in their studio, they used to chill at their favourite moroccan restaurant ‘al casbah’, where pierce brosnan, the spice girls and all saints used to enjoy watching belly dancers while lying on cushions, smoking water pipes. luck and neat continue to tour the club scene. unfortunately casbah has been closed recently.


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