dread styles

the hairstyles worn by busta rhymes, alicia keys and shaggy are known as cane rows, dreadlocks, braids, plaits or extensions. josie's braiding salon was a genuine african hair dressers. the traditional braids and plaits take between 1-2 hours. european hair takes slightly longer. Josie's now focuses more on their hair and beauty collections and their headquarters has moved to devon. pepis hairdressers is the cyberpunks’ best kept secret. situated in camden lock in the camden market, pepis offers everything for the dreadlock lover from plaits to colourful plastic extensions. it takes between 2-6 hours to have your hair done. pepis manager carlos is the dreads and hair extension expert. the shop has a cyberpunk style interior and customers sit in a painted wheelchair. pepis also has a shop in tokyo (see tokyo episodes). the shop later went in a new direction with mannequin styling and photo shoots.

camden market
chalk farm road
london nw1
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