earthquake drill

every year up to 1000 earthquakes are measured in japan. those who want to be prepared for the emergency can do earthquake survival training in the bosaikan centre. tokyo’s fire department offers the unique earthquake experience for adventurers and scardey-cats. simulated earthquakes from a scale of 1-5 take place in a fake tokyo apartment which features a burning flame on the cooker and shaking walls. the visitor is also prepared to deal with fires as one has to run through a smoke filled corridor in order to find the emergency exit. those who want to be prepare for every imaginable emergency situation can buy a fire resistant backpack, tinned bread and gas masks in the bosaikan shop. bosaikan is open daily from  09.00-17.00 apart from tuesdays.

ikebukuro bosaikan
nishi-ikebukuro 2-37-8
train station ikebukuro


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