eel & tikka

fish & chips is not the only thing english fast food has to offer. manze is the oldest eel and pie house in london. you can get good old fashioned british food at reasonable prices. east enders queue at manze for eel pieces with mash & mint sauce. manze maintains a traditional old english style. sweet and spicy restaurant is the cheapest bengali fast food eatery on brick lane. chicken tikka is frequently requested by customers after closing time at the pub. many hardcore drinkers get themselves back on their feet with this fantastic hangover cure. surprisingly the dish was actually created in england. it is now england’s best selling dish. chicken tikka is not too spicy to suit british taste. manze is open tuesday to friday 10.30-14.30 and sweet and spicy daily from 11.00-2300. 

87 tower bridge road
london se1
tube station london bridge

sweet & spicy
40 brick lane
london e1
tube station aldgate east


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