elbow rooms

the elbow rooms are london’s first prole-free pool club, the ultimate location to chill out on a sunday. the elbow rooms in islington and westbourne park were founded by us-star producer and eighties remixer arthur baker, six years ago. arthur has produced for human league, new order, diana ross and new edition. he created the planet rock project with afrika bambaata in ny. every sunday baker plays a mini dj-set in islington. tomorrow’s indy stars appear in unplugged sessions at the elbow rooms. those, who don’t like the life music, can play pool for ten pounds an hour. the food prices are reasonable. on sundays the elbow rooms are opened from 12.00 until midnight, the rest of the week until 02.00 or 03.00. admission is free. there are eleven pool tables in the islington rooms and a see-through mirror in the lady’s, from where the girls can peep at the boys.

elbow rooms
89-91 chapel market
london n1
tube station angel



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