ellen allien

featuring: automatenbar

ellen allien is berlins first lady of techno. ellens b(p)itch label tries to open up restricted structures in berlins club community. for the techno diva the dj is the bitch that pitches and controls the club crowd. b(p)itch acts include toktok (s. berlin episode 12), sascha funke, smash tv and paul kalkbrenner. ellen grew up in the spree city. she lives around the corner from berlins first automaten bar (automatic machine bar). the bar is equipped with webcams. on the internet you can check out who is visiting the place at any time. the bar without staff is open 24 hours. visitors have to change their euros into d-mark at the automaten machine. the old style drinks machines only take hard d-marks. up to the minute electro and techno music can be selected for free from another machine. film and music events take place regularly in the bar. patrons who want their own swipe card for unlimited entrance to the bar have to sign up for annual membership of the automaten club. application forms can be found lying about in the bar. since 1999 ellen allien has bought most of her records from the kreuzberg hard wax shop. hidden in a courtyard hard wax is always up to date with techno underground sounds. ellens stadtkind album is a homage to her home city. the record is released on her b(p)itch label.

muenzstrasse 21
u-bahn station weinmeisterstrasse

hard wax
paul-linke-ufer 44a
2. hof, aufgang a
u-bahn station cottbusser tor




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