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‘i draw like rabbits’, says evelin about her portraits of her fantasy world ‘fuckytown’. the cartoonist from prenzlauer berg does fan-art. pop art seems dead to her. in the beginning evelin immortalised friends and relatives as figures with stub noses and massive eyes. now she draws for the rest of the world as well. you can contact evelin via email, send her a picture and receive a drawn portrait for 150 marks. apart from genealogical tables evelin also draws portraits of cats and dogs. after a hard day of work evelin likes to shop at konsum. the after hours shop in east berlin has the best selection of noodle soups and fresh vegetables. the ‘absinth depot’ specialises in east german food and drinks. at the happy hour from 19.00 – 20.00 you get cheap absinth, everything legal of course.

absinth depot
weinmeisterstrasse 4
u-bahn station weinmeisterstrasse




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