fantastic plastic machine

featuring: tokyo tower

tanaka tomoyuki, alias fantastic plastic machine, belongs alongside pizzicato 5 (see tokyo episode 13) to the masters of japanese easy listening. tomoyukis vinyl collection consists of 20.000 records. recklessly tanaka mixes classic bacharach melodies, jazz, seventies soul and philly strings with modern dance grooves. the beautiful result was released by emperor norton in the usa. the tracks were recorded at the legendary philadelphia sigma studios and in the quad studios, new york. in tanakas opinion japan does not have its own pop tradition. house was born in the usa, punk in london. japan’s strength is the uninhibited mixture of all musical styles. this melting pot of cultures is one of the reasons why tanaka likes to visit the tokyo tower, the landmark of the city. the tower itself is a 30m higher copy of the french eiffel tower. above two storeys of souvenir shops it features the biggest wax figure museum in asia as well as a ninja death-star wall. the tower with its expansive sightseeing platform is open daily from 09.00-20.00.

tokyo tower
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