the fewture shop specialises in witty creature designs. it sells cutesy dolls and plastic horror characters by home-grown designers. the owner hiromi suzuki organizes regular events, where designers and collectors can meet. fewture hires out display cases for collectors’ shows and single pieces by tokyo’s top-designers like yashushi nirasawa. yashushi has been influenced by the japanese superhero series ‘kamen raida’ since his childhood (pictured). besides alien and horror b-movies, nirasawa is inspired by music. yashushi’s favourites are punk, kiss, nina hagen and iggy pop, after whose torso he designed a character (pictured) for the japanese animation-series ‘devilman’. nirasawa started as an illustrator and worked with various manga masters, before he went freelance as a creature designer. he is best known outside japan for his merchandising figures for marylin manson. manson was very interested in nirasawa’s design details, whilst nirasawa is also a fan of manson’s music. at the fewture shop they exhibit a manson sculpture designed by nirasawa. fewture’s opening times are tuesday to sunday from 13.00-21.00, the shop is closed on mondays.


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