fight club

every night nagurareya shuffles to work along tokyo’s red light district kabukicho. nagurareya means "i like to be beaten up". on the koma square akira hareuya boxes, depending on the weather, from 21.00 – 01.00 against drunks and any comers. the rules are easy: no hits below the belt, no biting the ears, no clinches. For a one-minute fight costing 1000 yen, nagurareya won’t hit back, even if you are a professional boxer, sumo-wrestler or kick boxer. nagurareya is working off his debts with the show-fighting, after work nagurareya returns to his bar. here you can order him to fight at any time, make bets or ask for a signed copy of his book. the nagurareya bar is opened daily from 21.00 –05.00.

sushi dai
train station shinjuku


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