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new york’s music-art duo fischerspooner have created a new genre with a mix of dance, punk, video art and experimental performances. casey spooner is the vocalist and writes the lyrics to warren fischer’s music. they originally met during their art studies. fischerspooner gigs are pop spectacles that include colourful costumes, visual projections and a lot of dancers. since their hit ‘emerge’, fischerspooner have developed a more melodic sound with live instruments such as guitars and drums. the ‘other music’ record shop was one of the first to sell fischerspooner records. the guys have not forgotten this and still shop at the independent record store that specialises in electronic, experimental and underground music. other music staff are well informed. the store boasts detailed music style descriptions on each shelf. the employees’ favourite songs are listed weekly on a board so that even music-illiterates can find out what is cool. other music also hosts in-store gigs featuring newcomers and underground stars like dj shadow and mouse on mars. whenever casey spooner wants a break from new york’s concrete jungle, he likes going to penny park. the park is flanked by the hudson river and displays modern art sculptures. casey once modelled there for one of his artist friends.

other music
15 east 4th st
subway station astor place

penny park


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