fitness break

sports fanatics who can’t do without their daily workout during holiday times go to the ymca vanderbilt. the vanderbilt in midtown manhattan houses 370 reasonably priced rooms. it also contains an in-house fitness-centre with a swimming pool, gym and classes such as kick-boxing and hip hop dance. towels and lockers are provided by the ymca. clients have to provide their own locks. ymca guests can go to all the classes for free. chelsea pier 62 is the biggest fitness complex in the city and is a secret tip from new yorkers. on the 4 piers you can play indoor soccer, basketball, baseball or golf. visitors can also climb, ice skate, roller skate or do athletics. the prices vary. climbing is free on sundays. piers 64 is open daily from 09.00-22.00, the ymca vanderbilt gym monday to thursday  05.00-24.00, saturdays 07.00-19.00 and sundays until 21.00.

ymca vanderbilt
224 east 47th street
subway station 53rd street

pier 62
chelsea piers
subway station 23rd street


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