flying steps

since the battle of the year in hanover, the flying steps are the unofficial world champions in breakdancing. the nine members of the crew grew up together in berlin. after dancing for projects such as ‘music instructor’ the flying steps are producing their own three songs inclusive video. the electro smash hit ‘in da arena’ and ‘we are electric’ is released on dance street. in the summer, the steps love to rehearse on the hard and bare marble pavement in the subways of the potsdamer platz. in the afternoon, b-boys, bmx-riders and skater meet under the splendour buildings of berlin’s new centre. he young generation dances daily with the professionals of berlin’s breakdance scene at charlottenburg’s youth centre ‘zille’. besides the steps, berlin’s b-boy legend storm have their practice session here as well.

potsdamer platz
s-bahn station potsdamer platz

hdj zille


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