foot patrol

behind the shopping district of oxford street is the first stop for underground street wear shopping. foot patrol is the mecca for trainer specialists. the shop sells popular trainers, but concentrates mainly on rare edition pairs. special editions and sample runs of the coolest shoes come directly from various manufacturers. foot patrol has the same prices as other london stores, but the limited special editions can go for as much as 270 pounds.

in the west end you could also find the super-so-cool zoltar the magnificent with its provocative décor. the shop sold clothes, trainers and toys. co-owners dan macmillan and keith richard's son marlon styled the shop according to their own taste. there were wehrmacht-hand-grenades for door-handles, painted chainsaws, nazi action men, mcdonalds-logo branded on ak47s, saddam hussein mannequins and porno wallpaper in the toilet that transformed this shopping trip into a real experience. in the basement visitors could browse art books and see new exhibitions of underground artists. zoltar closed after a brief period in the limelight. the owners said it was due to a dislike of the manual labour involved and poor financial income. dan macmillan was later commissioned by nike to create a sculpture collection called wunderland.

foot patrol
80 berwick street
london w1f
tube station oxford circus


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