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along former communist parade strip karl-marx strasse lies east berlin’s party area friedrichshain. the area around the simon-dach-strasse is an alternative bar and restaurant strip. at the al arabi restaurant it is possible to puff on twelve different types of water pipe. their in-house creation consists of mint, apple & strawberry. reasonably priced arabic food is served in the al arabi. part of the restaurant is covered in comfortable floor cushions. paule’s metal eck corner pub is the loudest bar in friedrichshain playing death metal, black metal and power metal. owner paule's special metal drink definitely rocks the hardest. the potent drink is made up of different shots with ice and a little beer for that extra kick. paule’s cocktail is a typical metal-head drink and not recommended to pussycats. the deli is a friedrichshain club that has open fires and a cosy ambiance. promoter, dj and sculpturer patricio installed a large open chimney in the middle of the old hall. berlin dj’s such as electro queen miss kittin (see image) play here from midnight until the early hours of the morning. the deli crowd is as mixed as the house, techno and drum 'n bass nights. like all berlins underground clubs the deli has been threatened with closure and might relocate somewhere else.

paule's metal eck
simon dach strasse
u-bahn station frankfurter tor

deli an der schillingbruecke
s-bahn station ostbahnhof


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