geisha style

ukiyo yutaka is a french hairdresser who specialises in japanese geisha hairstyles. bored french women looking for something different come here for a transformation. you can choose between a virgin look or the original geisha look. the styling is done by geisha hairdressers from kyoto. they start with the traditional make-up. for the virgin style they put the hair up simply. those who want to become a geisha have the white make-up applied. the hair is supported by false hair to achieve the height and roundness. the kimono dressing takes a minimum hour and a half. they start with an underskirt, then an 'under kimono', finally the main kimono. this is padded with cotton wool and bound with a colourful belt. it takes courage as the costume is too tight to breathe and eat properly. ukiyo yutaka hires out the kimonos. those not into full geisha gear can get just the make-up or hairdo. ukiyo yutaka is open monday to saturday 09.30-18.30.

ukiyo yutaka
72 avenue la bourdonnais
metro station ecole militaire


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