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gorillaz are the world’s first virtual band who blocked out the pre-packed bands for weeks. bassist murdoch is ugly, bitter and stinks. front man 2d is the thick sweetheart. drummer russell is a hip hop man from the usa. guitar player noodle is the martial arts expert. the cartoon characters were created by james hewlett. his tank girl comic was the rioting girl of the 1980’s – aggressive, loud and self-confident. the perfect icon for hole, elastica, spice girls and lara croft. forbidden planet is the largest store for science fiction and comics in london. here you can find the best selection of mangas, toys and collectable cartoons including gorillaz figurines. gorillaz’s hip-hop dub was the brainchild of blur front man damon and us producer dan the automator (see ny episode 18). on the album, which is released by emi, contribute del the funky homosapien, miho from cibo matto (see ny episode 13), ibrahim ferrer and junior dan from burning spear amongst others. gorillaz played their first gig at the london scala night-club. the band played behind a screen onto which james hewlett projected his cartoon images. on their subsequent world tours in 2011 and appearances at glastonbury the real performers have stepped out on stage, replacing the cartoon characters. the gorillaz have collaborated with numerous musicians over the years including bobby womack, roots manuva and members of the clash. 

forbidden planet
179 shaftesbury avenue
london wc2h 
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