groove armada

featuring: sunday soccer

electronica, dance musicians andy cato and tom findlay of groove armada formed a duo in 1996. they soon started their own club (also named groove armada) with them spinning as dj’s. they wasted no time in releasing their debut album ‘northern star’ in 1997. when their third album, ‘vertigo’ was released; they begun supporting mainstream acts such as elton john. groove armada have shown to be a duo that revel in collaborations. they have worked with acts such as richie havens, japanese popstars and the urban soul orchestra to name just a few. tom findlay has stated that to him soccer is the greatest invention by mankind. if he were to be doing anything else it would be coaching a soccer team. he has played since he was in his early youth and is a cambridge united supporter. even andy will admit that tom is better than him when they play sunday soccer. both members of groove armada were members of a dj-football team that included their fellow collaborator and rapper, m.a.d. their favourite pitches are in victoria park and hackney marshes near homerton railway station. every sunday various amateur teams play it out on the marshes, the biggest football field in london. afterwards the guys like a pint or two at the royal inn on the park. they still continue to maintain a highly busy work ethic in music with 10 releases between 1998 and  2008 alone. outside of groove armada, cato has worked with vocalist rachel foster under the name ‘the weekend players’. tom acts as one half of another duo called ‘sugardaddy’ with famous actor tim hutton. in 2012 groove armada released the ep ‘no knock out’ and toured asia and europe in support, reinforcing the fact that they are still a global band.

royal inn on the park
111 lauriston rd
london e9
tube station mile end


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