for hair emergencies head for notaufnahme in the kastanienallee as a last resort. changing berlin dance dj's help to prepare the hair-patients for the operating theatre. while they wait to be seen each emergency case is given a waiting ticket and can read magazines on original hospital beds. hair surgeon sven doesn’t have a very high opinion of time wasting activities such as blow drying and perms. at notaufnahme patients are dealt with quickly and charged a reasonable price. the most sought after styles are mohecans of all varieties and colours. the ponyclub salon in friedrichshain is named after hairdresser maestro tim kreutzfeldt’s two favourite things, clubbing &. horseriding. the ponyclub has retro 50’s style dryers, 60’s style plastic seats and 70’s disco balls on the ceiling. tim’s speciality is teak wood coloured hair with a loose falling a-symmetric cut which can be worn long or short. the simple fringe cut or pony-schnitt is free to all horse loving customers.

kastanienallee 29/30
prenzlauer berg
s-bahn station eberswalder strasse

kopernikusstr. 13
u-bahn station frankfurter allee


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