hakone is the top choice day trip out of town for stressed out inhabitants of tokyo. if one has had enough of pollution and stress you take the so called romantic train on the odakyu line. in two hours the train takes you from shinjuku station to hakone-yumoto. from yumoto you can buy a combined bus, ship and cable car ticket. with it you can explore the volcanic lower region of mount fuji. bus line 3 goes further to moto-hakone, where visitors can journey on old samurai paths or stock up on traditional craft works. the ashi no ko-see lake can be crossed in an imitation pirate ship or mississsipi steam boat. the boats take you to the cable car station that travels directly up to the volcanic hot springs. ascending further the best views of the japanese national symbol, the snow covered mount fuji, can be seen. because of dangerous volcanic gases travellers shouldn’t wait around too long for a clear view. mount fuji is very high and often covered in clouds. local specialities are mount fuji strong beer and boiled black eggs from the hot springs that stink of real volcanic sulphur. the family run ryokan guesthouse is recommended as accomodation in hakone. (see tokyo episode 23). those with plenty of time can travel from moto-hakone to the foot of mount fuji and even dare to climb it. in the summer there are live concerts and techno raves at the base of the mountain.

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