ham polo club

ham polo club is set in beautiful countryside next to the river thames. the club was founded in 1926 and is london's last remaining spectator venue for the upper class high action sport. high society club members and the general public are all welcome every sunday from may to the end of september. for members a bar and full menu are available throughout the day at the club. the masses are welcome to sit on the grass and bring their own picnic. alternatively non members can sneak into the club house for a proper meal. however it is important to remember that smart casual does not mean blue jeans. polo is an expensive hobby, ponies cost up to ten thousand pounds and have to be trained up to play the game. each game is split into four to six chukkas of seven and a half minutes in length. at half time the crowds are invited onto the pitch for the treading in ritual to flatten down the grass. teams of four players battle it out for different trophies each week. it is five pounds per spectator to watch. 

ham polo club
petersham road
london tw10 
tube station kew gardens



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